Bikeability Level 1/2 combined

Bikeability Level 1 & 2 is aimed at children from year 5 onwards who can already ride unaided. The training starts on the playground and then those that are capable and safe are taken out onto the quiet local roads around the school.  Groups are small at 6 children with 2 instructors. Your school will organise the groups and tell you which day your child has been allocated.

What does my child need to take part in Bikeability?
In terms of equipment, your child will need a bike which is in a roadworthy condition, the right size for them, have pumped up tyres and two working brakes. Instructors will show children how to check their bikes at the start of the first session and will ensure that your child’s bike is safe for training purposes. BMX bikes are permitted in most circumstances so long as the bike has working brakes, and has not been adapted to the extent that it is no longer suitable for use on the road. The instructors will have the final say on whether your child’s bike is safe for them to complete the training on but allowances will be made wherever possible.

Can my child share their bike with a child who does not have one?
Yes, with your permission.

What should my child wear to take part in Bikeability?
In most cases, your child may wear their normal school clothes, suitable for the season and weather. Excessively loose clothes may be hazardous and should be avoided. In colder months, warm layers and gloves are recommended. High visibility tabards will be provided by BikeRight.

Does my child need a cycle helmet?
Helmets must be worn on all sessions.




Helsby Hillside Primary School

Dates & Times

Monday 12 Feb 2024, 09:00-15:00
Tuesday 13 Feb 2024, 09:00-15:00
Wednesday 14 Feb 2024, 09:00-15:00
Thursday 15 Feb 2024, 09:00-15:00
Friday 16 Feb 2024, 09:00-15:00